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Outer London Cemeteries
(Outside the old Greater London Boundary)


These pages are an attempt to record cemeteries outside the central area covered by the rest of the website. They are listed under the present London Borough in which they are located. To find a location, enter the postcode into a mapping resource such as .

This might appear neat and tidy, but unfortunately it is not. Many of the cemeteries listed have changed their names over the years. Not all the cemeteries in a particular borough are controlled by that borough, and may in fact belong to another borough entirely, or by a commercial or religious organisation. Some of the present boroughs are partly inside and partly outside the old GL boundary, so these pages need to be read in conjunction with information elsewhere on the website. Finally, the Borough of Richmond is partly north and partly south of the river.

Please see this as a first attempt at a full record. Additions and corrections are welcome!
As with the rest of the site, these pages give topographical and historical information on cemeteries, and are not concerned with details of those buried there. For genealogical information Googling  '(name of cemetery) burial records' nearly always takes you to the site of the appropriate local authority. 

Outer London cemeteries north of the River

Outer London cemeteries south of the River