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City Churches Past and Present

Churches in black no longer exist. GF = Destroyed in the Great Fire, 1666, not rebuilt. RB = Rebuilt after the fire
PF = pre-fire church WW = destroyed in WW2, not rebuilt dem = demolished

Aldersgate Ward

St John Zachary (GF)
St Mary Staining (GF)
St Olave Silver Street (GF)
St Leonard Foster Lane (GF)

St Anne and St Agnes (RB)
St Botolph Aldersgate (RB)

Aldgate Ward
St Katherine Cree (PF)
St Andrew Undershaft (RB)
St Katherine Colman   (Survived GF, rebuilt c1730, dem 1926)
St James Duke Place (built 1622, survived GF, dem 1874)

Bassinghall Ward
St Michael Bassishaw (RB, dem. 1900.

Billingsgate Ward
St Botolph, Billingsgate(GF)
St Mary at Hill (RB)
St Margaret Pattens (RB)
St Andrew Hubbard (GF)
St George Botolph Lane  (RB)

Bishopsgate Ward
St Botolph Bishopgate Survived GF, rebuilt 1725)
St Ethelburga (PF, destroyed by bomb 1993, now restored)
St Helens  (PF)
All Saints Skinner St. (Est 1864, Demolished 1869 - Railway lines to Liverpool St.)  

Bread Street Ward
Allhallows Bread Street (RB, dem. 1876)
St Mildred Bread Street (RB, WW)
St John the Evangelist Friday Street (GF)
St Margaret Moses (GF)

Bridge Ward Within
St Magnus the Martyr (RB)
St Margaret Bridge Street (GF)
St Leonard Milkchurch (St Leonard Eastcheap) (GF)
St Benet Gracechurch (RB, dem.1867)

Broad Street Ward
Allhallows by the Wall (RB after fire and by Dance in 1765-77)
St Peter le Poore (Survived fire, rb 1792, dem. 1907)
St Martin Outwich (Survived GF, burned down 1765, RB 1794, dem. 1873)
St Benet Fink (RB, dem 1844)
St Bartholemew by the Exchange (RB, dem 1841)
St Christopher le Stocks (GF, dem 1781 (Bank of England extension) 

Candlewick Ward
St Clement Eastcheap (RB)
St Mary Abchurch (RB)
St Michael Crooked Lane RB, dem 1831) 
St Martin Orgar Partly restored after the fire, dem 1820s.
St Laurence Pountney (GF)

Castle Baynard Ward

St Benet Paulís Wharf (RB)
St Andrew by the Wardrobe(RB)
St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street (RB, dem 1886 after a fire.
t Gregory by St Pauls  (GF)

Cheap Ward
St Benet Sherehog (GF)
St Pancras Sopers Lane(GF)

St Mildred Poultry RB, dem 1871)
St Mary Colchurch (GF)
St Martin Pomery (GF)
Allhallows Honey Lane(GF)

St Lawrence Jury RB
(Guildhall chapel) RB

Coleman Street Ward
St Olave Jewry (RB, dem 1888)
St Margaret Lothbury RB
St Stephen Coleman Street  (RB, WW)

Cordwainer Ward
St Anthony (Antolin) Budge Row RB, dem 1875)
St Mary le Bow RB
St Mary Aldermary  RB

Cornhill Ward
St Peter Cornhill RB
St Michael Cornhill  RB

Cripplegate Ward
St Mary Aldermanbury (RB, WW)
St Alphage Survived fire, RB 1777, dem, 1924)

St Mary Magdalen Milk Street (GF)
St Alban Wood Street RB WW)
St Michael Huggin Lane(Wood Street) (RB, dem 1894)
St Giles Cripplegate   (Survived fire, damaged WW2, restored)
St Bartholemew Moor Lane Built 1850, dem 1900.

Dowgate Ward
Allhallows the great (RB, tower dem 1876, remainder 1894)
Allhallows the less (GF)

Faringdon Ward  Within
St Paulís Cathedral RB)
St Peter Westcheap (GF)
St Vedast Foster Lane (RB)
Christ Church Newgate Street (RB, WW)
St Matthew Friday Street (RB, dem 1885)
St Augustine (RB, WW. Tower remains)
t Faith under St Pauls (Ch. dem 1255, crypt of St Pauls used as ch. until GF.)
St Martin Ludgate (RB)
St Anne Blackfriars (GF)
St Michael le Querne (GF)

Chapel of St James, Cripplegate (Survived GF, Moved 1825, dem 1872, crypt rebuilt at Allhallows Staining.)

Faringdon Ward Without

St Sepulchre Newgate (PF)
St Andrew Holborn (RB)
St Dunstan in the West Survived fire, RB 1831-3)
St Bartholemew the Great (PF)
St Bartholemew the Less PF, RB 1789, 1823, damaged in WW2, restored.) 
St Bride Fleet Street Damagd WW2, rstored)
The Temple Church  PR

Langborne Ward
St Gabriel Fenchurch GF
St Dionis Backchurch (RB, dem 1878)
Allhallows Lombard Street (RB, dem 1938)

St Edmund Lombard Street (RB)
Allhallows Staining (Survived fire, fell down 1671, RB, dem 1871, tower remains)
St Nicholas Acon (GF)
St Mary Woolnoth (Repaired after GF, RB 1726/7 by Hawksmoor) 

Portsoken Ward
Hospital of St. Katherine (PR, dem 1825)*
Trinity in the Minories (WW)*

St Botolph Aldgate  (Survived fire, RB 1744)
*Outside city boundary

Queenhithe Ward
St Trinity, Trinity Lane GF
St Nicholas Cole Abbey RB
St Nicholas Olave GF
St Mary Mounthaw GF
St Michael Queenhithe (RB, dem 1876)
St Mary Somerset (RB, dem 1872, tower remains)
t Peter Paulís Wharf  GF

Tower Street Ward
St Peter in the Tower PF
llhallows Barking (by the Tower) (PF, damaged WW2, restored)
St Olave, Hart Street PF
t Dunstan in the East (RB WW) (Tower remains)

Vintry Ward
St Michael Paternoster Royal (RB)
St Thomas the Apostle (GF)
St Martin Vintry (GF)

St James Garlickhithe (RB)

Walbrook Ward
St Swithun London Stone (RB, WW)
St Mary Woolchurch (GF)
St Stephen Walbrook (RB)
St John Walbrook (GF)
St Mary Bothaw (GF)