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Aldgate Ward
Key:   Current observations and notes     Holmes (1897)     Other sources     Maps

Existing grounds

St. Katharine Coleman Churchyard, Fenchurch Street. 
Now a sanitised courtyard of a modern office block with one gravestone inset in the paving. c 36 burials a year by 1841. 

Print of 1736

Prewar view

Current view

St. Andrew Undershaft, Leadenhall Street.
Church usually closed - small churchyard to N. of church somewhat dilapidated. More extensive area of burial ground to the east of the church has been built on. Still around 70 burials a year by 1841. At 1,278 burials per acre this one one of the most crowded grounds in the city. 

Rocque.  The O.S. of 1873 shows the churchyard to the east of the church covered by buildings..

St. Catherine (Katherine) Cree, Leadenhall Street.
 Once part of the cemetery of Holy Trinity Priory, Aldgate.
Now a pleasant garden, hard to locate at the rear of the church. Entrance in Mitre Street. Around 100 burials a year by 1841. 

Lost Grounds

St. Jamesís Churchyard, Duke Street.
Church closed and demolished during the 1870s
. Now no trace. The school is still there - the playground is probably on the site of  the cleared burial ground.  c 15 burials per year in 1841.
-This is used as playground for the Aldgate Ward Schools. (Holmes)
Demolition of church and removal of bodies, filling more that 180 chests, completed. (The Times, 15th August 1874, quoted in Huelin.)