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The City of London

The Burial grounds and churchyards of the City are included under the ward in which they are, or were, located. The list of grounds is based on the arrangement of Mrs Holmes.  Text in purple is that of Holmes describing the grounds in 1897. Notes in green describe the ground now. Text in blue comes from other sources.

             Aldgate           Basinghall          Billingsgate           Bishopsgate  

Bread Street             Bridge Ward Within            Broad Street            Candlewick  

Castle Baynard            Cheap           Coleman Street            Cordwainer           Cornhill 

Cripplegate      Dowgate          Farringdon Ward Within  
Faringdon Ward Without 1 (North)  Faringdon Ward Without 2 (South)

  Langbourn            Lime Street         Portsoken            Queenhithe   Tower Street      

Vintry           Walbrook       Complete list of churches