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Bridge Ward Within
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Existing grounds

St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge.
Small paved yard to south of church. Almost certainly much more extensive in the past. Chadwick (1841) gives dimensions of just 44 square yards. Largely cleared by 1896 and remains taken to Brookwood. See below for the additional ground.
Was the area of Old London Bridge roadway used for burials post 1830? 

The body of Miles Coverdale was moved here in 1841. 

Yard to the south

Once the roadway to Old London Bridge

Lost Grounds

St Benet Gracechurch
The church was at the Corner of Gracechurch Street and Fenchurch Street.
, where a branch of Boots now stands.  It was demolished 1867. The churchyard is still shown as open space in O.S. of 1894 but is now swallowed up by building.  Not included on Chadwick's list of grounds (1841) 

St. Margaret, New Fish St. 
Church lost in the fire. Site of the Monument. Ground lost when the Metropolitan Line was built and remains sent to Brookwood. 

Additional ground to St Magnus.
The additional ground was on the other side of the Bridge approach - marked in red on the map below. This would have disappeared when the new London Bridge was built. 

St. Leonard,
Fish Street Hill. 
Site of the burned church and ground. Parish united with St Benet Gracechurch.   Appears in O.S. of 1873,
destroyed for the Metropolitan Railway, 1882. The church site is under the NatWest Bank. 
A small churchyard remained until the last (19th) century. (Huelin)

Rocque. Churchyard of St Leonard's (Right) is shown. St Margaret's was in Monument yard. Area of graveyard of St Michael Crooked Lane (East of church) appears to be extant in O.S. of 1873.

O.S. of 1873 - St Michael?