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Coleman Street Ward
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Existing grounds

St. Margaret, Lothbury.
Still exists behind church
Mostly paved, with small raised beds. A couple of stones propped against the wall. No current access.(2004) due to building work to the north. Still in use by 1841.
Improved and planted at the expense of  Dr. Edwin Freshfield, F.S.A. (Holmes)

View from King's Head Passage (North of church) In 2003. Major building site behind church so no access to ground.

Lost grounds

St. Stephen, Coleman Street.
Destroyed in WW 2 and built over. Churchyard was to the north of the church, now
under the site of 36-40 Coleman St Anthony Munday was buried here in 1633. The burial place of members of the Keats family, but not of the poet himself, as stated in The London Compendium by Ed Glinert (Penguin 2003). Visitors to Keats' grave in Rome would certainly be surprised to read this. 


The real Keats grave, in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church ground, Finsbury Square  
Opened 1820, Demolished c. 1902. Holmes indicates a burial ground here, but no ground is shown on O.S. Maps. Chadwick (1841) suggests a very crowded ground at 1210 burial per acre.  A history of the church says that 'The vaults and burial ground interred many thousands of London Catholics prior to its closure in 1853.' But where was it? 
Very little left. (Holmes)
For St Olave Jewry see Cheap Ward.