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Walbrook Ward
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Existing grounds

St. Stephen, Walbrook. 
Formal garden, locked and rather gloomy.

 Encroached upon in 1693. (Holmes)

St. Swithin, Cannon Street. - Additional ground. 
In Oxford Court. A pleasant little garden.

Lost grounds

St. Swithin, Cannon Street 
Covered by the roadway on north side of church site. The church was bombed in 1940; human remains removed to Brookwood in 1958. 

 Rocque. Area to the north of church is original ground.

Oxford Court 2003

St. John the Baptist Cloak Lane 
Burial ground and site of a church lost in the Great Fire.  Became an additional ground for St Antholin Budge Row. removed in 1879 when Cannon Street (District Line) station was built.  There is a small area with monuments on the north side of Cloak Lane. 

St. Mary Bothaw 
Burial ground and area of a church lost in the great fire. It became an additional ground for St.Swithun. Taken for Cannon Street Station. 


St. Mary Woolchurch Haw 
The church was destroyed in the Great Fire and the parish united with St Mary Woolnoth. The site became a market until 1737, when the Mansion House was built on the site.