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Billingsgate Ward 
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Existing grounds

St. Botolph's, Billingsgate. Upper burial-ground, Botolph lane.
small, rather cheerless courtyard in Monument Street called One Tree Court. (There are two trees in it.)
This burial ground was established 1392. After the fire the parish was united with St George Botolph Lane so this ground became an additional ground for that parish. Shown on O.S. of 1873 as  the playground of the Billingsgate Ward School.


St. Mary at Hill, Eastcheap.
Paved over with small garden and a couple of unattractive buildings. 
A document of 1499 refers to 'The Great Churchyard' and 'The Pardon Churchyard'. Churchwarden accounts for 1511 speak of the cross in the 'Great South Churchyard'. Presumably the latter was built over.  The present site to the north of the church  is probably much reduced.  40 burials a year by 1841 - over a thousand burials per acre. 

Saved by the City Church and Churchyard Protection Society 1879. (Holmes)

Notice of closure of the ground.

Lost grounds
St. Margaret Pattens, Rood Lane. 
No longer traceable, but view little changed. The
Iron posts in the picture are stamped St Margaret Pattens 1817 and  mark the area of the very small churchyard. Before the fire, it extended under the shop to the east. Closed by 1841.
Paved and added to the public footway, but  still traceable. (Holmes) 

approx. 1830


St. George, Botolph Lane.  
Church demolished 1904. Ground then built over. Human remains taken to Brookwood. Ogilby and Morgan shows the ground to the south-west of the church. Now under Faryners House.

'It was . . . nearly a quarter of a century since the accumulation of human remains in the vaults attracted the notice of the sanitary authorities'. (Letter to the Times, May 1900, quoted in Huelin)

St. Andrew Hubbard 
Eastcheap, between Botolph Lane and Love Lane. Church destroyed in the Great Fire, and not rebuilt.  The ground presumably ceased being used then as the  King's Weigh House was built here, to be replaced by the King's Weigh House Chapel. Plaque at 16 Eastcheap. The churchyard to the south of the church. 

St. Botolph, Billingsgate (Lower Ground) 
Church destroyed in the fire and the parish united with St George Botolph Lane. Small churchyard to the south of the and the site of the church itself apparently became an additional ground for St George, though there is little evidence for this on maps. Large Scale O.S. of 1873 shows a small open space on what was possibly the burial ground. Apparently traces of it survived until the 1960s. (Pevsner). Covered by new building - No 10 Lower Thames St. - opposite southern end of Botolph Lane. Excavated prior to new building.

A Warehouse in Lower Thames Street, with terra cotta heads on the frontage, is on the site. (Holmes)