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Castle Baynard Ward
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Existing grounds

St. Andrew by the Wardrobe
The yard extended to the north, where a paved area is all that remains. Most of the south part taken for Queen Victoria St. 1871. The rest was turned into a garden in 1901. This ground along with that of St Ann Blackfriars still heavily used by 1841. (Chadwick)




Lost grounds

St Benet, Paulís Wharf 
Roadway to north of church. Ogilby and Morgan suggests that it extended to the west. 
The church is the burial place of Inigo Jones (d 1652)

View of 1838

St. Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street 
The detached burial ground was on the west side of Lambeth hill, to the south of the church. It was one of a number of grounds that disappeared when Queen Victoria Street was constructed in 1871. Shown on Ogilby and Morgan, but not named on later maps. The church (North side of Knightrider street) was damaged by fire in 1886 and demolished at that time. 
The small area to the west of the church shown on Rocque may have been a burial ground.   
R H Barham (author of the Ingoldsby Legends) was buried in the Rector's Vault in 1845.

Rocque. Is small open space to left a churchyard?

Rocque. The ground in Lambeth Hill - the square area to the south of Green Arbour Court.