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Candlewick Ward
Key:   Current observations and notes     Holmes  (1897)    Other sources    Maps


Existing grounds

St. Lawrence (Laurence) Pountney, Cannon Street .
There are two grounds. The north  is the site of the burned church. The parish was combined with St Mary Abchurch and the grounds used for the combined parish. The south ground (the old church yard) was under major restoration in 2003.  
2005 - the south ground is now tidy and the private garden of residential property. Some gravestones still in situ. At the time of visiting this was up for sale. The fence was embellished with threatening security notices. 

1681 'No clothes should be dried in the churchyard' 1711 'Mr Long's cock and hens should not be in the church ground or churchyard' 1727 'A falling post with a crossbar be put up in the middle of the passage to prevent horses going through' 1791 'servants should not beat carpets against the tomb-stones' (Parish records, quoted in Huelin) 

North ground (site of church)

South ground

Views of Summer 2005

St. Martin Orgar, Cannon Street 
The site of burned church. Parish joined  with St Clement Eastcheap after the fire. The tower rebuilt and used as a belltower for St Clements.  'Seldom used' by 1841. Major programme of exhumation post war.
2003 Now an unkempt 'private garden'. 
2005 Garden much tidied up. 

View Approx. 1841

2003 - untidy 'private garden'

2005 - a makeover.

St. Clement, Eastcheap.
After the fire the new Wren church was extended eastwards into the churchyard.  It was Probably reduced again in size during the 19th century.  Not recorded by Chadwick (1841)  Paved, with a flower border. There is a large and ugly green container for  building materials in it - hopefully temporarily.(2002) 
2005: The container has gone, but it has been replaced by white plastic garden chairs. The mouldering dustbins remain . 

2005 - A picturesque scene in a city churchyard - dustbins and plastic chairs

St. Mary, Abchurch Lane. 

Paved in 1877 and little changed from Holmes' description below. 
This was thrown into the pavement about 160 years ago, with posts round it.The paved square by which the church is approached covers the site of the old churchyard. (Holmes) 

Lost grounds

St. Michael, Crooked Lane
Church and ground to N. Destroyed around 1830 when King William Street was constructed. A ground that appears to be the one shown to the east of the church in Rocque is shown on O.S. as late as 1913, and probably lasted into the 1960s. (See Bridge Ward Within) Now untraceable under a huge building. 
The ground was noted for the following rather noncommittal epitaph:  'Here lyeth, wrapped in clay, 'The body of William Wray, 'I have no more to say. '

 Horwood and Rocque show different arrangement for churchyard. Is yard to east of church the burial ground shown on O.S. ?