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Lime Street Ward
Key:   Current observations and notes    Holmes (1897)     Other sources       Maps


Existing ground

St. Martin Outwich, Camomile Street.

Extra-parochial. Stow suggests that the ground, contentiously, became part of Bishopsgate Ward  in 1579.  O.S. of 1873 places it within Lime St. Ward. Now just a large flowerbed in appearance, North. side of Camomile St. with no indication of its fascinating history mentioned by Holmes below. There is one  inset gravestone. 

The burial-ground of the priory of St. Augustine Papey. Given by Robert Hyde 1538. (Holmes)



Lost ground
St. Mary Axe, Leadenhall Street 
Now, inevitably,  an office block.
Houses on west side of the Street called St. Mary Axe.