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Dowgate Ward
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Lost grounds
Allhallows the Great, Upper Thames Street.
Church demolished 1894.  Built over 1969 - City Fire Station

Allhallows-the Less, Upper Thames Street  
Site of the burned church. After the fire the parish was joined to All Hallows the Great, and the ground was used by the combined parish. Human remains from the burial ground moved to Brookwood in 1896. Built over 1969 - Road outside Mondial House, Upper Thames St.

1830's print. Ground on extreme left is Allhallows the Less. (See map below) 

Old watch house in a pre-war photograph; cf print. Destroyed in the war. 

contemporary view from the same spot as print above showing the city fire station

Allhallows the Great (left) and Less.Horwood 1813.