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Tower Street Ward
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Existing grounds

St. Olaveís, Hart Street.
2002 Attractively maintained; a proper churchyard!  Dickens's 'St Ghastly Grimm'. .
Encroached on over the years. There was an additional yard on the other side of Seething Lane, closed in 1781. 
Church the burial place of Samuel Pepys. 


Prewar view

Allhallows Barking, Tower Hill. (All Hallows by the Tower)
An extensive churchyard to the north, east and south, now much reduced.  Churchyard to the south encroached on by new building.
Paved to the east, with hall built on part of ground.
2004 - The hall has now become a Sushi bar.  I haven't tried the Sushi yet. 

Scene in early 19th century

Same scene 2002 - a building site

Same scene 2004 - but tidy

St. Dunstanís in the East, Lower Thames Street. 
Very attractive garden around ruins of the church bombed in WW2. The burial ground extended to the north and south of the church. 
St. Dunstan had at least one further churchyard, and a 'pardon churchyard' is mentioned, but the locations are not known. 

Lost ground

Priory of the Crutched Friars
The church was a popular burial place for distinguished Londoners before the reformation.  On the SW corner of Coopers Row and Crutched Friars. Location of the cemetery not known - probably underneath Fenchurch Street Station.