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Vintry Ward
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Exisiting grounds

St. Michael Paternoster Royal, College Hill.
Small paved courtyard is all that remains. 
Burial place of Richard (Dick) Whittington. In 1949 a search was made for the tomb of Whittington. It was unsuccessful  - but they did find the mummified remains of a cat . . .

Lost Grounds

St. Martin Vintry, Queen Street. 
Church destroyed in Great .Fire. The site of church and churchyard became an additional ground for St Michael Paternoster Royal.  

ground was
destroyed by road widening in the 1960s.

St. Thomas the Apostle, Queen Street.  
Church destroyed in Great Fire. The churchyard became an additional ground for St Mary Aldermary. Removed when Queen Street was widened in the nineteenth century.
Not clear whether the site of the church (opposite side of Queen St.) was used as a burial ground - Rocque suggests it might have been. The remaining vault was removed in 20th century.
Little left except a large vault. (Homes)

Churchyard in 1848


St. James, Garlickhithe.
Site of graveyard unclear on maps, though a b
urial vault and coffins found on N.E, in  1992.