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Including Shadwell, Ratcliffe and part of Wapping
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St Anneís Churchyard. 
2005 -  tombstones thinned out, but otherwise intact. 

3 acres. Consecrated 1730, and since enlarged, but in 1803-4 a piece was cut off for Commerce
(Commercial) Road, the bodies being removed south of the church. Laid out as a public garden by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association in 1887, and now maintained by the London County Council. (Holmes)


Mysterious pyramid beloved of occultists and pyschogeographers still in place, though the ground level appears to have risen.

St Paulís Churchyard, Shadwell. 
About ĺ acre. Consecrated in 1671, The site of a plague pit for the parish of Stepney. Area to the north of the church is uncleared, with many gravestones remaining. The area to the south is now a garden used by a pre-school nursery. 

Laid out by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association in 1886, and now maintained and kept in good order by the London County Council.

SHADWELL CHURCH.- The ground adjoining the church is very full, and so also are the vaults underneath it. (Walker, 1839)

St. Jamesís Churchyard, Ratcliff. 

Church destroyed 1940. Churchyard cleared 2002.
A bleak, joyless park overlooking the approach to the Rotherhithe tunnel, probably larger than the original site.  Some ground may have been lost when the tunnel was built. 

Nearly 1 acre. Laid out as a public garden by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association in 1891, and maintained by the vicar.

All that is left of the gravestones

Additional ground opposite St. Johnís Church, Wapping. 
The site of a plague pit. Flowering shrubs now seem quite thin on the ground, (see below) though many tombs still remain. 

 Rather over Ĺ acre. This was one of the Stepney pest-fields. It is closed, but tidy. There are quantities of tombstones in this ground, many of which seem to be falling to pieces, and an unusual number of trees and flowering shrubs.

Friends Burial-ground, Brook Street, (Cable Street) Ratcliff.
Established c. 1666. Building demolished 1935.
A non too picturesque  tarmacked area for football, basketball, etc., covering the site of the meeting house and burial ground. Major building work all round but this patch of ground seems currently safe from redevelopment.

 800 square yards. This is approached through the house on the south side of the meeting-house. It was acquired by the Society of Friends in 1666 or 1667, the land being originally copyhold, but enfranchised in 1734 for £21. It is neatly kept, and has four small upright stones.

Brunswick Wesleyan Chapel-ground, Three Colts Lane.
Now the playground of the Cyril Jackson Primary School, between the school and the railway viaduct.

 Approached by a passage at the back of the chapel. It is about 450 square yards in size, and is used as a private garden. There are vaults under the chapel and three tombstones. It is said that about 1,000 bodies were buried here, the last interment taking place in 1849.

Lost Grounds  

St. Johnís Churchyard, Wapping. 
Immediately opposite the additional ground mentioned above. Probably originally part of the ground given over to a plague pit. Church gutted in WW2; now only the tower remaining, which has been incorporated into a new residential building. Burial ground completely cleared and tarmacked over with garages, etc. 

 600 square yards. Consecrated in 1617. This ground used to be very low and full of water. It is closed and fairly tidy, having many large altar tombs in it.

Rocque. Comparison with Horwood above shows the ground around the church was much reduced by the time of the later map. Additional ground not shown on Rocque.

Tower incorporated in new building

Early print -view from the south.

Area to south of church cleared and tarmacked.

St John's School Wapping - probably built on part of original churchyard. Prewar view and view now - the tombstones in the additional ground have gone.
Roman Cemetery 
Area between The Highway and Cable Street, North of Shadwell Church, shown as Sun Tavern Fields on Horwood. 

Friends' Burial-ground Wapping  
The Wapping meeting was established in 1700 as an offshoot of the Ratcliffe Meeting in Brook Street (Cable Street). So far I have not determined its precise location but presumably was in Wapping Street
Lost to Wapping Street. (Holmes)