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Stoke Newington
Key:   current observations and notes   Holmes (1897)      other sources       maps


Additional notes by Bran Firth

St. Mary's Churchyard, Stoke Newington.

A church was on the site pre-conquest. Ground closed by 1854.
A country churchyard with trees round a variegated old church. Early 19thc entrance with lampholder. One of the few with railed-off sections. Homely table tombs and hogsbacks. Largely 18th-19thc
  acre. A very pretty ground round the old church, but not laid out or opened. (Holmes)

Early 20th century postcard

Friends Burial-ground, Park Street, Stoke Newington. 

Now Yorkley Rd. Meeting house replaced by Adventist chapel. Undisturbed part of ground behind with gravestones. Also walled garden behind flats with stones at walls.
Remained open until 1957.

Adjoining the meeting-house.- acre. This was bought in 1817, and enlarged in 1849. It is still in use and neatly kept, but not open to the public. (Holmes)

Abney Park Cemetery. 
Purchased by the London Borough of Hackney for 1 in 1980 and partly restored.
Graphically described by Iain Sinclair in Lights out for the Territory.

32 acres. First used in 1840. Neatly kept and open daily, being chiefly used by Dissenters. It is crowded with tombstones. (Holmes)

Thanks to Sophie Marton for the pictures above.

Lost ground

Abney Congregational Chapel, Church Street  
Closed 1854. A school was built on the site.