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and Deptford

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St Alphege Churchyard.
Probably little changed in the past 100 years. Burial place of composer Thomas Tallis (d. 1585) and General Wolfe (d. 1759). 
 Enlarged in 1716, 1774,  and 1808. Size 2,740 square yards. This was laid out by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association in 1889, and is maintained by the Greenwich District Board of Works. There are no seats in it.  (Holmes)

Additional ground

Now St Alphege’s  Recreation Ground. Old brick walls enclose a well-planted park
. There are  many varied trees.  There are stones at the edges and in serried ranks on the N. A lime avenue. A decayed 19thc mortuary building in the overgrown NE corner. 

 Separated from the above by a public footpath. – This is 2¼ acres, and was consecrated in 1833. It was laid out in 1889 by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, and is maintained by the Greenwich District Board of Works. There are plenty of seats in it, and it is well used and well kept. (Holmes)
St Nicholas Churchyard, Deptford.  
Rebuilt 1696-7. Burial place of Christopher Marlow (d.1593)
Entry through old gatepiers topped with skulls. There is an 18thc building in the churchyard. It is now well-cared for; trees, shrubs, clipped grass and old walls.
There is a memorial to Marlowe.
¾ acre. This is closed and full of tombstones, but fairly tidy. (Holmes)
Additional ground, Wellington Street 
This was consecrated and a wall built in 1765 (there is a commemorative tablet in the wall of Charlotte Turner gardens which incorporates the old ground). The ground was extended to the N in 1897 and widened to the W in the 20thc It is now a level park,
north of MacMillan St.
¾ acre. This ground, belonging to the parish of St. Nicholas, was laid out in 1884 by the Kyrle Society, and is very well kept up by the Greenwich District Board of Works, who have lately acquired a piece of adjoining land to be added to the recreation ground. (Holmes)

St. Paul's Churchyard, Deptford
Awaiting visit/update.
Enclosed by 19thc walls. Scattered slabs and tombs. E of the church is running wild (2003) while restoration goes on.  There is a 19th century  mortuary building.
2½ acres. This is vested in the rector, and maintained by the Deptford Burial Board. The gravestones are not moved, but there are a few seats in the ground, which is open to the public. (Holmes)

Baptist ( Unitarian) Chapel Burial-ground, Church Street.
A plain grassed area, enlarged to N and S
This touches the above, and is about ¼ acre. It is closed, the railings and gravestones are broken, and there is a quantity of rubbish lying about. (Holmes)

Friends Burial-ground, High Street, Deptford
Awaiting visit/update.
Lost. A plaque on no 144 High St commemorates the meeting house and Peter the Great’s attendance. Demolished 1907.

About 360 square yards. This is behind the meeting-house and closed. It is neatly kept and only contains one gravestone. (Holmes)

Congregational Chapel Burial-ground, High Street, Deptford 

Built on. Opposite Catholic church. 

About 400 square yards. This is closed, but neatly laid out, and there are gravestones against the walls. (Holmes)

Congregational Chapel-ground, Greenwich Road. 
Chapel now the coroner's office, the ground a garden. 
 ¼ acre, or rather less. This dates from 1800. The gate is often open, and the gravestones are flat or against the walls, but it is a bare, uninteresting-looking ground.

Congregational Chapel-ground, Maze Hill, Greenwich. 
A strip of grass in front of and to W of Maze Hill Lodge.
A rather neglected-looking ground in Park Place, with several flat tombstones, about 500 square yards in size.

Greenwich Hospital Burial ground.
This is the area to W of the Queen’s House. It now contains a Nurses’ Home and a lawn.

This adjoins the Royal Naval Schools, and measures about 4 acres. An inner enclosure is full of tombstones, but the outer part has only some monuments in it. It is very well kept, with splendid trees and good grass, and the gate from the school playground is generally open. (Holmes)

Greenwich Hospital Cemetery.
Now Greenwich Plesaunce. Entered past a classical Hospital gatehouse with loggia, which now looks lost and unwanted. The gatehouse is now cut off from the ground. It is enclosed by walls of varying height. Tablet to 3,000 reburials. Now park, with a cemetery section remaining in the middle. A variety of trees and varied vistas although it is such a simple rectangle.  Hedges,  enclosures and pollarded limes all round. There are two burial sections- officers and men. It seems to be a park, the gravestones appear as you enter.  An interesting  place.
( B.F.)
In Westcombe. This is nearly 6 acres in size, and was first used in 1857. (Holmes)

Roman Cemetery  
Neighbourhood of Blackheath. (Holmes)

Possible church/vault burials
St Michael's Blackheath Park
Church built 1828-29
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