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I am grateful to Brian Firth for notes on these grounds.
Awaiting a photographic visit. 

St. John's Churchyard.
Partially cleared in 1745 for church enlargement with bodies reburied elsewhere in the churchyard, (261 removed at 4d each.) The vestry encroached in 1911. Tombs mainly up to Mid nineteenth century. One of London's most appealing churchyards, p[erhaps the nearest approach to a country churchyard in London. 
The ground is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Burial place of Constable, Joanna Baillie and John Harrison.

1 acres in extent. It is full of tombstones, but very neatly kept, and although not handed over to any public authority, nor provided with seats, the gates are usually open. (Holmes)

Burial-ground in Holly Lane.  

Consecrated  1811, still in use in the 20th centry.  Burials here include. Hugh Gaitskell, T.H.Shephard, Daphne Du Maurier. 
 Fairly mathematical in layout.but overgrown enough to enclose and invite exploration .

1 acres. This is still used for interments, and new graves are occasionally dug here. It was consecrated in 1812. It is tidily kept, and the gates are open whenever the gardener is on the ground.

Hampstead Cemetery.  
Restored in 2000. Now closed to burials A good scatter of trees and quite bosky to the south and west. 
acres. First used in 1876. Open  daily. It is well kept, except the part nearest to Fortune Green.  (Holmes) 

The Tumulus, Parliament Hill  Fields
300 yards N.E. of Hampstead ponds. Evidence indicates late use, not for burials. 

in 1894 by  the London County Council, and said to be an ancient British burial-place of the early bronze period. Railed round for its protection. (Holmes)

Possible church burials/vaults

Well Walk Chapel
Proprietary chapel Opened 1725 in Great or Pump Room at Hampstead wells. used continuously until Christ Ch. opened 1852 then chapel of ease.  Used as Presb. chapel 185362.  demolished. 1882. Probably not used for burials.
St Mary's Kilburn
Built 1856-7 on the site of the pre reformation Nunnery of Kilburn, though probably outside original boundary of Hampstead. The nunnery would certainly have had a burial ground, but not the church. 
Click here for a note on church and vault burials.