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Information on grounds from notes by Brian Firth.

St. Mary’s Churchyard

The newer of the two grounds here, opened after building of the new church, 1784. It adjoins Paddington Green and the noisy flyover to the south. Its rural spaciousness is long gone. There are a number of handsome tombs of the early 19th century but many must now have been moved.. This and the ground below, from which it is separated by a footpath, have the usual good Westminster information boards.
Church vaults are still occupied, though bodies were 'buried more compactly' in 1972. 

1 acre. The tombstones have not been moved, but the ground has been neatly laid out, and is kept open by the vestry. (Holmes)

The Old Burial-ground, Paddington.

Very large in comparison with other churchyards. Enlarged six times between 1731/2 and 1824, in a rapidly expanding part of London.  The fairly featureless park includes the sites of the original parish church and the manor house .An iron church stood at the north 1861-93. It relies on mature planes to give it some form and enclosure. A handful of graves include Sarah Siddons ( protected by a canopy of 1908) painters William Colljns and Robert Haydon, and sculpters  Nollekens, Bushnell  and Banks. A number of tombstones are  lined up in standard fashion along the west wall. Closed in 1857. 

3 acres. This adjoins St. Mary's Churchyard, and was laid out and opened as a public garden by the vestry in 1885. It contains the site of an older church, dedicated to St. James.

The old church, originally St James, Later St Mary's. 

Vault:  St John the Evangelist

Hyde Park Crescent. Built 1829-32. Still open.

Possible vaults or church burials
St John the Evangelist, Harrow Rd Kensal Green. 
Built 1843-4, still open.

Holy Trinity Bishop's Bridge Rd  
Built 1844-6. Demolished c 1980. 

St.Matthew,  Moscow Rd, Bayswater
Now Petersburg Place. Built 1858 so too late for vaults, but  built on the site of Bayswater Chapel built 1818. 

Click here for a note on church and vault burials.

Lost ground

Pest Field, Craven Hill. Probably never used 
Not yet identified
Built over,  Craven Hill Gardens.